Friday, June 14, 2013

How To... Create and Edit a Basic Table of Contents in Word 2010

Recently a student came to me close to the deadline for submission for an assignment. He was very worried that he would not be able to make his submission before the 5 o'clock deadline and was worried about incurring a late submission penalty. The reason his assignment was not ready was that he could not create a Table of Contents (TOC), and he wanted me to show him how. I felt strongly that this was something that he could figure out for himself and that it was not my role to do this, even though I knew how easy it was to create a TOC. However, in the face of desperation I relented, and took less than five minutes to show him how to create a TOC for his assignment - which he did successfully.

The key to creating a TOC in Microsoft Word is knowing about Headings in the Styles Gallery. Once you've worked out how many and where you want the headings, Word does the rest and creates the TOC for you. Once created it is easy to modify, eg if you add a new heading, or change/delete an old one. Naturally I decided to make a video for my YouTube Channel to show how it is done, and here it is:

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