Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Thanks to Kate and Vicki.
baking goddesses!
Today is Father's Day and my daughter's treated me to a brilliant breakfast of French toast, bacon, and delicious real Canadian maple syrup. Best of all though is the fantastic cake that they baked last evening (when I was barred from the kitchen) which features The Beatles, who always were and always will be my favourite band. It will be a pity to cut this cake up, or to decide which Beatle to eat first, but afternoon tea today will have a distinct Fab Four flavour (I'm listening to Abbey Road as I write this post). 

My Dad Joe in the mid 1950s,
before he became a dad.
I called my own Dad (Joe) this morning to wish him a Happy Father's Day. At 82 years of age he is in great form and looking forward to visiting his niece for Sunday lunch. I noticed people on Twitter fondly remembering their own Dads who have passed away. When I see this I always thank the good Lord that I still have my own Dad to talk to. Long life and health to you Dad!

I also remember today the other "Fathers" in my life: my Grandfathers PJ O'Loughlin and Paddy Byrne. Both died when I was young and though I have a few fond memories of each, I hardly knew them. I also remember my Father-in-Law Billy Bourke, a kind man who I did know well for all too short a time.

To Father's everywhere - enjoy the day!

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