Monday, February 18, 2013

Why are Sky bothering? But still waiting for @UPCIreland

I received a letter today from Sky asking me to "Be the first to enjoy our new Unlimited Broadband"! The offer is for unlimited broadband usage with calls for €40/month. My current Eircom package is €59/month, so on the face of it Sky are offering a cheaper package. Saving €19 a month equates to €228/year - not to be sneezed at.

When I first heard that Sky were coming to Ireland I thought that this might be the way to get away from the shitty broadband service that Eircom offers (see my speed check taken just now to left - this is supposed to be uncongested 8mbps!). But I have since discovered that they plan to use the same telephone line that Eircom use, which has a maximum capacity of 4mbps in our area. This means that Sky will only be able to offer the same service - so why are they bothering? How come they can't discover what the areas are in Ireland have poor broadband infrastructure? I will not switch from one rubbish provider to another. They are wasting their time with me.

On September 5th last I wrote about UPC installing new cables in our neighbourhood. Now over 5 months later there is still no sign of any service. All I get from @UPCIreland on Twitter is that they will be contacting everyone in our neighbourhood when the network is live. Still waiting.....

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