Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Should Students Use Twitter?

We had a discussion about the use of Twitter in the classroom today and in general I am in favour of students using Twitter as a learning tool. I get so much information and links to interesting things from the people and organizations I follow that it is like having a private news feed of stuff you want to hear about.

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The edudemic blog has a post by volunTEENation, about Why Students Should Use Twitter from December last year. Three reasons are given why: 

    1:  The importance of access
    2:  Connect to a wider audience
    3:  Students can tweet for good

Students can connect to professionals and other students in their field, promote volunteer work, improve traffic to a website, and use Twitter as a free way to market and promote a new business ideas. For the Computer Science students in my classes I recommend that that they should follows technical Twitter accounts like @siliconrepublic and @slashdot.  It's a great way to keep in touch with developments in any field, especially technology.

Twitter provides a wealth of information for students and everyone else - it is a fantastic educational resource whether used inside or outside the classroom. I'd like to see us educators embrace it some more.

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