Sunday, February 17, 2013

And now 3,000 subscribers to Learn with Dr Eugene O'Loughlin @youtube

Hot on the heels of reaching 2,000,000 views on my YouTube channel another milestone has been reached. Yesterday the 3,000 subscriber mark was passed (and yes - I know I'm boasting again!). Once again I am humbled and gratified that so many people subscribe to my channel and view the videos. I have noticed a recent surge in subscriptions as I get an email every time someone subscribes. The chart below shows this growth since the channel was set up in 2006:

The subscriber who made it as the 3,000th was "dperika" from the UK. There are subscribers from all over the world, for example: 6 from Kenya, 2 from Honduras, 2 from Cambodia, 1 from Mongolia, and 9 from Iraq. The countries with the largest numbers are: 903 from USA, 315 from UK, 189 from India, 180 from Ireland, and 105 in Australia.

My next series of videos will be remakes of my existing ones for the new version of Microsoft Office 365. Unfortunately this cannot be installed at work, so for the first time I will be making a series of videos at home. I'm starting with a free 1-month trial of Snagit which I will probably purchase once the trial is over - this is what my most recent videos have been created with.

Once again - a huge THANK YOU to all my subscribers!

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