Sunday, August 26, 2012

Celtic Rock meet Seán Ó Riada - #horslips

It was 1970s nostalgia, balding heads, expanding waistlines, dyed roots, and for a couple of hours at least, youth restored for the middle aged fans of Horslips who rocked the National Concert Hall last evening. I had been at a previous concert at the O2 back in December 2010 - this time in the more intimate surroundings of the NCH they were supported by The Orchestra of The National Concert Hall, with arrangements by Golden Globe nominee (and conductor) Brian Byrne. It felt like Celtic Rock meets Seán Ó Riada.

The concert was based on two of Horslips' most famous albums - The Táin and The Book of Invasions. This of course meant we were treated to some of their best music: "Charolais", "Dearg Doom", "Daybreak", "Trouble (With a Capital T)", and "The Power and the Glory". At times the Orchestra drowned out the lads, in fact probably the only time that this did not happen was for the second encore when they played "Shakin' All Over" without the orchestra. However, for tracks like "Daybreak" and "Dearg Doom", the orchestra really excelled and helped make the evening special for Horslips fans. It's not the first time Horslips have played with an orchestra - check out "Trouble (With a Capital T)" in the YouTube video below when they hooked up last year with the Ulster Orchestra at the Waterfront in Belfast.


  1. I have red this carefully and I am convinced that it is all. HORSESHITE. I use this word with care. I got it from a man who I met in the hallowed halls of Trinity College. the finely manicured lawns. He gave me a lift on his 175 down O'Connell street one night and he told me to be quiet cos I was yahooing past the GPO. But he had a fine handle on the Queen's English. HORSESHITE said in a Wicklow accent is as fine an insult as u will ever hear. The internet is a dangerous thing Mr. O'Loughlin. The past creeps up on you from faraway places like Termonfeckin and Drawda. ANd Sydney. (ps And King of the Fairies is by far the best Horslips tune ever. )
    da man from Drawda

  2. Hi "da man from Drawda".

    I have to dig up some long dormant memory cells to remember riding down O'Connell St with a Drawda man behind me - this had to be 1980 or 1981. I'm guessing Enda M?

    I still have the Wickla accent, though don't say "Horseshite" too much any more. And you're right - "King of the Fairies" is the best Horslips tune!