Saturday, August 25, 2012

Good Customer Service

Two incidences this week got me on to a "I'm a consumer and I know my rights" high-horse. I was itching for a fight and would demand that both products be exchanged. However, I was disarmed by polite and helpful customer service - so I thought I'd give them a plug on my blog.

Image source: The Think Green blog.
First, I had called Crossan Motorcycles earlier in the week to tell them that I was not happy with the motorcycle helmet I had bought from them three weeks ago. At the time I expressed some concern that the helmet felt very tight - it was size 61-62cms while my head is almost 64cms in diameter (yes - I know that's big!). However, I still bought the helmet based on the expert advice that it was the correct fit. Three weeks later I had enough of the too tight fit. But in the phone call I was informed that the shop was under no obligation to exchange the helmet (I even checked this out with the Northern Ireland Consumer Council - the shop was right). I was mad at this and I told them so. Today I called to Crossan Motorcycles near Mayobridge just outside Newry where the manager Shane agreed straight away to an exchange for a larger size - he would sell the smaller helmet on eBay for a lower price and we agreed to share the cost. I have to say that I was treated with the utmost respect and came away happy that I had the right helmet. Two lessons for me: One - if I'm not happy with a product I should not buy it regardless of advice received. Two - be nice.

Also yesterday I had received a Sky+ HD box from It was €117 including post and a remote control, and a six month warranty. It is used, but the box looked in great condition. A new box would have been €259 from Sky - I felt that I had got a bargain. When I connected it to the TV it worked straight away. I called Sky to pair the viewing card with the box - I had HD immediately. However, I noted that recording and live pause were not working. I was mad again. I called Sky Tech Support, but despite their best efforts they could not get it working. I got in touch with TVTrade who gave me a dose of my own medicine by sending me a link to one of their own YouTube videos on how to reformat a Sky+ box. It worked perfectly! Many thanks to Dave for his advice, and keep up the good work with the YouTube videos.


  1. Glad you were happy with the service.

  2. So far I don't have any problem with Crossan Motors' customer service.
    The only thing that I worry much is the number of customer reps who will be assisting their customers. You know, some customers can't wait that much.