Thursday, August 16, 2012

How To... Draw Simple Line Charts in Excel 2010

Sometimes a simple task can seem like a hard task - especially if you've never done it before. Some of my more popular videos on my Learn with Dr Eugene O'Loughlin channel are on subjects like plotting histograms and pie charts. Very easy to do when you know how, but also easy to get wrong when you don't know how. 

I will be setting some of my students some tasks to visually represent some data in class - using Excel 2010. I noticed that for two of the tasks (Line Charts, and Scattergrams), I did not have any videos for these on my channel. So, today I have created a video for Line Charts (Scattergrams tomorrow) - check it out below:

Doing this allows me to spend more time in class helping students get the tasks done - I will be strongly suggesting that they view the videos before class. Even if they don't, they are short enough to view in class if needed. Also, some students will already know how to complete the tasks, so they can get on with the work without having to sit through an explanation from me first. I have read that doing this is like taking class at home and doing homework in class.

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