Sunday, December 05, 2010

Horslips at the O2

In the 1970's, most teenage Irish boys like me worshiped Horslips (all my teenage years were in the 1970's - 13 in 1972, 19 in 1978). I recalled wanting to grow my hair like Charles O'Connor, but never did! Celtic Rock gave us a unique mix of Irish traditional music and a hard rock sound that connected with a generation who had long hair and a weird sense of dress. Horslips played the O2 last evening - the venue was about half full, but the lads created a great atmosphere on a very cold evening. Nostalgia, nostalgia, and more nostalgia!

Most of the hit songs from the 1970's were there, plus many that I had either forgotten or not heard before. The sound was very authentic and so like the original sound tracks on their albums - the 30-40 years time lag did not make a difference. Charles O'Conner and Jim Lockhart showed their versatility with several instruments - I was always especially fond of Lockhart's Jethro Tull-style flute playing. Fantastic. The concert was rounded off with Trouble and Dearg Doom - this got the audience rocking big time.

I remember that in the 1970s that Horslips used to play in the Funge Art Centre in Gorey, only 13 miles form Ballingate - I desperately wanted to go. But I was not a concert-going teenager like today's lot, and genuinely did not know how to go to a concert - no TicketMaster then. There was also the added problem of transport - no Luas or DART then either. It is to my eternal shame that I did not make a better effort to go - so last evening's concert was my first time to see Horslips live, 30 years too late.

Now that I have seen Horslips on stage - I am happy. I hope they do more concerts - I am a teenager again! No more Celtic Tiger - Celtic Rock is back!


  1. Very naustalgic Eugene! I recall the common room battles during boarding school free time. Who would have control of the record player. The battle lines drawn, Deep Purple, Led Zep and Sabbath in one corner and all else in the other.......Takes me back as well. Been to see Deep Purple play 3 times in the past 3 years with my daughter Sophie and they were great. Good stuff matures and changes with time. It endures because it is good. We will remain forever young! Will go and see them myself at some stage. They were always cool with a intellectual mystique about them. Ali

  2. Good stuff Ali - I too remember the Common Room battles, it seemed to me that Kieran Egan (RIP) and Johnny Coghlan dominated with a mix of Lizzy and Led Zep. Go see Horslips if you can - Sophie will love it too (if only to see her Dad shaking his hair and jumping around!), you will not be disappointed. E.

  3. THe nite was fantastic! Was 17 again too. Such a way to finish, am still aching from the dancing, not able for the air guitar rocking any more...

  4. Waah! Spare a thought for those of us in exile in England! Funnily enough, back in the day, we were ALL girls and it was Purple, Zep AND Horslips in our corner...great days!

  5. i saw the comeback gig in december 2009 it was magic. i also managed to get to the inec gig in killarney on november 27th which again was magic despite a very small crowd in attendance, i too hope the band continue to gig but i think more media coverage will be required to maintain the interest of the public.