Wednesday, December 08, 2010

30 Years Without John Lennon

Thirty years ago today John Lennon was shot dead by Mark Chapman - I remember where I was and how I heard he had been killed as if it was yesterday. I was on a Zoology Field Trip to Ballyvaughan in Co Clare when our bus driver (Vinny) told me he had been shot the previous evening. Of course I didn't believe him and waited for the punch-line - alas, Lennon was dead and my generation's biggest hero was gone. For the next few weeks the radio was full of John Lennon songs. I remember being at a college friend's 21st birthday party (Gerry W) soon after where the Double Fantasy album was played all night.

My fav photo of Lennon -
this one is copied from Topnews.
Thirty years later I still miss him, and like everyone else I often wonder what his songs would have been like if he had lived. He would be 70 years old now - I bet he would still be writing controversial songs and using the "F" word more often. Would he still be cool? Or would he be just another old fart (like Keith Richards or even Ringo Starr)? What would he think of the Internet, and even having his own web site


Lennon's killer, Mark Chapman, is still in jail - I bet the fucker thought he would be out by now. I didn't know that he was married and that his wife (Gloria) still stands by him, and even visits him once a year for sex (I actually think that Lennon would be cool with this!). The Daily Mail reports today that she was even aware "of her husband's murderous intent and even saw the gun he planned to use in the attack". She could have stopped the nutter? She and Chapman get to have 44 hours together alone once a year, where no doubt they play husband and wife. I admire her for sticking with him, but he gets no sympathy from me. 

Fuck you Mark Chapman, fuck you.

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