Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My YouTube Channel - Going from Strength to Strength

Today I am reporting that my YouTube Channel has reached 200,000 views, over 150,000 of these views have been in 2010. On June 4th last I reported that the channel had reached 100,000 views - so that means that the last 100,000 occurred in the past six months. The channel also reached another milestone when on November 29th last the daily viewing figures passed 1,000 for the first time. So I feel that my "How To..." and "Problem-Solving" videos are finding an audience of people who want to learn about PowerPoint/Excel/Word tools and about some methods for solving problems. Viewers have also started to ask questions using the YouTube comment option - I try my best to answer all questions. I get a kick out of the following comment which a viewer posted after we had exchanged 15 comments: "omg it worked!! thank you so much for your help :)".

Once again I reiterate (as in previous posts) that this is a very modest total in the overall context of YouTube viewer figures, but I am constantly astonished that simple short videos can reach so many people. In my classes today I had less than 20 people in each class, but my YouTube channel has had over 750 viewers so far today. The educational reach from my computer is beyond anything I have ever thought of - and it is gratifying to know that so many people are viewing the channel. Embedding YouTube into PowerPoint 2003 continues to be the most popular, with doing the same in PPT 2010 starting to roll as well.

Now that I am almost at the end of Semester I in NCI I hope to get the opportunity to upload a few more videos in both series above.

I have mostly been getting fairly positive comments, but a few less positive (ie negative) ones have started to appear. They are mostly to do with my accent. Here's one from @FazWardak88: "Dude your voice is really annoying", to which @nitemare1004 responds "you are sooo right >_<". Not much I can do about this - my mish-mash of a Carnew/Wicklow/Dublin accent is here to stay!

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