Sunday, December 26, 2010

High-street shop GOOD, Internet BAD

I'm the first to admit it when I get something wrong. Last Saturday I moaned wrote about my experience in trying to buy a Vodafone Broadband Connection. What I could not do in a shop, I could easily do on-line - hurray for the Internet (or so I thought)! I have spent quite a bit of time this week trying to get a connection to the Vodafone network with the modem that arrived on Monday. After I installed the software, I could not get the connection to work. To cut a long story short - my SIM card had to be activated. This is not easy to do - in fact Vodafone Tech Support told me that they could get someone to fix it next January! So much for my brilliant idea of a Christmas gift for my Mum! 
Good Customer Service

On Friday last I went into a Vodafone shop on Henry Street where I bought a 2nd connection. Absolutely brilliant staff in the shop who actually accepted my O2 on-line account (they asked me to log in to a computer on their counter) as proof of where I lived - contrast that with the paper-only copy of a bill required by The Carphone Warehouse! This time the new SIM card worked first time when I tried it. Vodafone's Claire in Tech Support also today cancelled my 1st connection no problem and told me I could drop the first modem back into any Vodafone store. 

Credit where it is due, well done Vodafone. A good customer story - connecting as it should be.

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