Thursday, April 14, 2011

The University of YouTube

YouTube for learning is in the news again this week as Edel Morgan of the Irish Times writes about The university of YouTube, and asks the question is "teaching yourself on the web as effective as interacting in a classroom"? 

Image from the CALIopolis Blog.
Morgan sets three challenges to learn: (1) how to blow dry hair, (2) sign language, and (3) a dance sequence - all on YouTube, with varying degrees of success. As she points out - you can now learn almost anything on YouTube. Just search for what you need to know, and someone will have put up a video showing you how to do it. Below is a video from the Irish Yo-Yo Guy showing you how to do some tricks with a Yo-Yo. There is so much of this type of stuff on the web that in effect we are all becoming educators as well as learners.

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