Monday, April 11, 2011

Odd Socks - How does this happen?

I'm the only guy in my house. My size 12 feet are six sizes bigger that the girls in my house. Nobody steals my socks. The girls don't wear my socks - ever. When I take my socks off they go straight to the laundry basket. But somehow from there they get lost, separate, disappear, morph into something else, baffle science, and become a mystery which I cannot resolve. Where do my socks go? I've even tried to fold my socks into one after I take them off - but that doesn't work. The drawer where I keep my socks is like a speed-dating convention - full of singles looking for "the one"!

Today I counted 16 single socks. I searched my drawers and the hot press to find partners - but no luck. I was so impressed with my array of odd socks that I took a photo. This has to be one of the mysteries of life - where are the other 16 socks?

My selection of 16 odd socks!

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  1. It's unreal. I finally threw out a large odd sock bag I had been collecting and sifting through for 10 years last years. It was nice to let go. Now however after moving house again last weekend we brought another big odd sock bag containing 30-40 odds from 4 family members!