Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Colm Doherty - Traitor

The Irish Times reports today that Taoiseach Enda Kenny is "appalled" at former AIB fat-cat Colm Doherty getting a €3,000,000 "remuneration package" after being sacked by the Minister for Finance. Along with almost everybody in Ireland, I too am appalled at this blatant "fuck you" attitude from Doherty and his banking cronies whose whole ethos seem to be that they should line their own pockets at everyone else's expense. Not for one moment did this bollix, and his banker buddies think of our country when they signed up to this "package". For Fuck Sake - can you for one moment think of your country before your own wallet? The rest of us have to - why not you?

The face of a traitor?
(from Business & Leadership web site).
My voice is tiny - but I shout from my own roof-top that this man is a traitor. He, and his ilk, have betrayed Ireland - he should be ashamed of himself. Colm Doherty is about my age (I believe he is 52). I never met him and don't know him. But he is retired now with the cushion of "loads a money" - he can look forward to many years of financial comfort for his few days as AIB CEO. The rest of us have to work for a living.

Colm Doherty should not accept this outrageous payment. If he has any sense of honour, he would go on the record as having rejected this payment - therefore restoring his honour and placating the vast majority of Irish people who are rightly outraged at this "remuneration package". Such an honourable stance may even get him another job.

The choice is: be a pariah with €3,000,000 in your pocket, or be an honourable citizen with the respect of you compatriots. You choose - over to you.



  2. If he was sacked by the minister for Finance how the fuck did he pull off this stunt? Maybe the Minister for Finance is complicit in financial wrongdoing on behalf of who he's suppost to represent, ie taxpayer. All I can say is that it doesnt affect the minister for finances pocket what Doherty and others pay themselves. If it did they would have stopped this in good time. After all there was plenty of time to stop these outrageous payments but the government had no will nor bottle to do any of these things. Shame on the Government and I bet the new Government wont be much different. Alot of them always seem to be teachers. Maybe thats why they run for government in the first place because they know fucking well they can earn alot more in the dail than they otherwise would in the classroom. Wrotten system. The whole political system still needs to be revamped and changed forever for the good of the Nation and taxpayer. The new government wont be much different to the last one. Most of the current administration are nobs. Its sickening to the core to watch. How come they never raid their own pensions? Ireland needs a revolution to overthrow these plebs and forget about mandates. They are a licence for corruption. Irish Governments continually get a mandate with no conditions built in such as failure/incompetence/corrupt practice. If they make some very bad decisions within 2/3 years they should be overthown immediately.

  3. I hear your anger! So many "nobs" in high places with their snouts in the trough. I won't go for a "revolution", but a rapid evolution to a better place will do me.