Wednesday, April 06, 2011

2 iPad 2 or not 2 iPad 2

I am beginning to think that I cannot live the rest of my life without an iPad, and I am thinking strongly of getting the new iPad2. I am still asking myself "Do I really need an iPad?", or is it simply "Do I only want an iPad?". Also - "Should I wait for an iPad 3?". I need some advice. I don't carry around a laptop - I have one for work, but it never leaves my desk. I use my iPhone quite a lot, but find the size of the iPhone to be an issue as my eyesight gets worse while I make my way through middle-age.

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Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, is quoted in yesterday's TECHWORLD website as saying at a convention that "The tablet is not necessarily for the people in this room.....It's for the normal people in the world". Since I consider myself as a "normal" person, I do believe he is talking to me! Wozniak is also quoted as saying that the iPad is a "culmination of what Steve Jobs wanted to create at Apple from the beginning". Clearly he thinks that the ideal computer device that everyone can use has been created.

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The ESB is running a competition on - the prize is an iPad 2. This got me thinking as to what I would do with it if I actually won (there are almost 1,000 entries as I write this - so the chances of winning are small).Yes - it would be convenient to have email and Internet access in my hand, but this would not be a key reason to buy an extra device to do this when I already have an iPhone, laptop at work, and a desktop at home. Since I would have to buy it myself, there is the consideration should I use it at work? 

Recently I have had reason to access some of my eBooks a bit more than usual while preparing lecture notes. Some are on my laptop at work, while others are at home - the iPhone is too small to bother with trying to read them. An iPad device would be ideal in that I could have all my eBooks (academic as well as non-academic) in one place. I could have solutions to problems set in tutorials on-hand, and of course copies of my lecture notes as well. I recently saw a student in one of my classes using an Amazon Kindle eBook reader to read my PowerPoint lecture notes.

I think I am trying to talk myself into getting one - but they are soooooo expensive! What am I to do?

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