Thursday, April 28, 2011

New YouTube Video - How To... Save a PowerPoint 2010 Presentation as a Web Page

This week I discovered that you can no longer save a PowerPoint Presentation as a web page in the 2010 version - earlier versions of PowerPoint allowed you to save your presentation in HTML so that it could be viewed in a browser. This was handy if you were worried about being able to have the latest version of PowerPoint to display your presentation in (say) another location. It was also useful for e-Learning developers who could use PowerPoint to create some content and then use the Save as a Web Page option to create a version that would work on a web site. So when this option was removed - an old tool was removed from PowerPoint for some users. Microsoft now provide a "Broadcast" facility, you will need a Windows ID - this is the way of the future. However, Microsoft do mention a workaround using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

So - for those of us oldies who like to be able save a presentation as a web page, I have created a YouTube video showing you how to do this - here it is:

In the video I refer to some code that you need - here it is in case you would like to copy and paste this to do it yourself:

ActivePresentation.SaveAs "C:\MyPages\test.htm", ppSaveAsHTML, msoFalse

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