Sunday, April 17, 2011

Road Trip - 2,628km!

Summer must be coming - it's time to plan for the holidays. This year Roma and I have decided to go to our new little piece of Spain in Murcia for a couple of weeks. Vicki and her friends, Joanna and Maria, will also be with us. Even though the location still has a lot of building work to do, the golf course is open and I'm sure there will be a lot more activity about in late June when we arrive.

This year I will once again ride my Harley-Davidson to our holiday destination - the distance is 2,628km (1,633 miles):

Roma and the girls will fly San Javier airport which is about 20 mins away from our apartment. I leave on 20th June, and arrive on 23rd June. The girls fly out on the 22nd June.

The plan so far is to ride as far as Andorra with my old CCR classmate Pat C - he is continuing on to France and Croatia on his Harley-Davidson Road King. We will ride first to Rosslare and take the overnight ferry to Cherbourg. We plan stopover near Niort - about half-way between Cherbourg and Andorra. Pat has been to Andorra skiing and is keen to see the place without all the snow. I'll stay there just the one night, and continue on the next day to Murcia. I'm already getting excited about the trip - lots more planning to do, and of course I'll be sure to document my experiences on this blog. One thing that I am anxious to do is to avoid all the mechanical issues I had on the last rip in 2008 to Sigean in France, so I'll be sure to get everything checked out fully by the excellent mechanics in Motorcycle City before I go.

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