Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Greed is the knife & THE SCARS RUN DEEP

Here's an interesting piece of graffiti on Dublin's East Wall Road (just before the start of the M1) - I took this photo while out for a walk at lunch time:

Apparently this is a line from a Damien Dempsey song and is part of a Maser/Damo project of graffiti "art" around Dublin. This one is a bit more serious than some of the others - it has a message for us all (and I mean everybody). Greed was rampant in this country up to 2007 - you might argue with f*^kers like Ivor Callely that it is still rampant. Unfortunately the scars will run deep for a long time.

I watched a Reeling in the Years programme on RTÉ last evening - the year was 1980. This was the year that John Lennon was shot, and when Charlie Haughey told us with a very sincere voice on TV that we were all "living beyond our means" (another f*^ker). In years to come, RTÉ will no doubt be showing news from 2007-2010 - I'm certain that many Irish people will look back in shame on what has happened to our magnificent little country in so short a time. Greed played a big part - we (including me) all thought we could could get rich quick. We can all now see the scars.

BTW: when watching Reeling in the Years - did Kerry (football) and Kilkenny (hurling) win every All-Ireland final?

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