Friday, August 20, 2010

Follow up to "The System made a mistake" post

Last week I posted about my daughter Kate's effort to get her new iPhone 4 connected, when I ended up apologizing to a Shop Assistant for inferring that he had made a mistake, when I told him that "Computers don't make mistakes, people do - rubbish in, rubbish out". This was in response to his comment that the reason her phone could not be connected was that "The System made a mistake".

Well guess what? He did make a mistake! Kate's phone was finally connected last Wednesday (a week after buying it) by a savvy O2 Tech Support Rep who spotted in seconds that the SIM card and the SIM number that was entered into "The System" did not match. 

I take no pleasure in this (I try not to do smugness), but I do feel a little vindicated.

So the moral is: When some "expert" tells you that the "system made a mistake"? Challenge this, and do not accept he/she is always right and that you are an idiot.

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  1. A good lesson in staying close to the facts - if you can access them...