Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fail Funnies – Epic Failures And Unbelievable Stupidness

For a good laugh - check out Fail Funnies. I came across this site while Googling for images with the search word "fail". The site contains a lot of stupid stuff, but there are also plenty of funny photos and videos that will at least make you giggle - here's one of my early favourites:

an ice wagon's cooling system has failed & is leaking pure water out into the streets because the ice has melted

There is of course only one thing funnier than laughing at yourself, and that is laughing at other people making fools of themselves. Much humour is very juvenile, sex and toilet jokes always get a laugh. We know it is silly, but laugh none-the-less. Fail Funnies is as silly a web site that you can get, but I will be checking back for more laughs. They also allow you to copy and paste their Funnies into your own blog (as I've done above).

A message to the guys at Fail Funnies - keep it up!

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