Monday, August 09, 2010

Back to work (and blogging)

After a six week break (God it is great being a Lecturer), I went back to work today. A long break is great as there is almost always no hangover from when I was last in the office - I feel completely refreshed, though not quite delighted to be back at work.

Since I have been on holiday I cut back on blogging. Last year I had my laptop with me at all times (as I was writing my book) - this year I just had the iPhone, and decided to take a (almost complete) break from blogging. This year I have been averaging almost 20 posts/month, but in July there were just six - I'm back and ready for more posts.

I had thought that I would blog more about what I was doing during my holiday - but that would be boring (thanks for the tip Brian). However, I cannot let the occasion pass without a photo from the hundreds that I and my family took during the summer. The photo to the right was taken by my daughter Vicki in Chania, which is the largest town in western Crete. For me, the moment that I feel that I am on holiday always occurs when I have a beer in the middle of the day - something I almost never do. On this day we went to Chania and visited the many cute shops, and had lunch in the harbour where I had a delicious plate of deep fried squids right after this beer. Bliss!

I'm back to work now and wonder what the academic year ahead will bring. It is the 60th anniversary of the founding of the National College of Ireland, so there should be some cool events to look forward to. Just before the summer break I was elected by my academic colleagues to the Governing Body of the College - a role I am honoured and very much look forward to taking on for the next three years.

I also hit Twitter today, and decided to add about 10 Twitterers (is that a word?) to my list of people that I am following. I am still undecided about Twitter - it does take from working time, but there is also some useful and informative stuff available. Having said that, as of today I am now following Barack Obama, David McWilliams, my daughter Claire, Matt Cooper, and Stephen Fry - all who have absolutely nothing to do with my job. 

It's good to be back on Blogger!

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