Monday, October 26, 2009

Fleetwood Mac at the O2

Roma and I went along to see Fleetwood Mac at the O2 last evening - the line-up was (as in photo above) John McVie, Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood, and Lindsay Buckingham. They range in age from 60 (Buckingham) to 63 (Fleetwood). For a bunch of old codgers (as I heard them referred to in the radio afterwards) they put on a fantastic show. They were not promoting a new album - so we were not treated to the dreaded "Here's a song from our latest album....". Instead - they came to play all their hits and this is what we got. We had excellent (expensive!) seats right in the middle near the front for a fantastic view of all the proceedings.

All the hits from "Rhiannon" to Seven Wonders" were played. Buckingham and Nicks still have some chemistry on stage (though she kept leaving the stage - sometimes to change clothes). Buckingham put in a virtuoso performance on guitar - which he changed for nearly every song, he ranged from hard rock, to acoustic, to picking and slapping. Neither he nor Nicks have lost anything in their voices - though at times her voice was drowned out by the music. Highlights for me were thumping versions of "Chain", "Tusk", "You Can Go Your Own Way", and the acoustic solo of "Big Love" by Buckingham. For an encore they brought the house down with "Don't Stop".

While Buckingham was the real star of the show, Mick Fleetwood played a storming session on drums - including a long solo as part of the encore. Not bad for a man of 63! Nicks was excellent, though I thought she looked tired - or maybe it was too much eye make-up that made her look like this. She's 61 - but still hot!

Before the show we had dinner on the MV Kill Airne on the Liffey. While this is a pricey restaurant it was very enjoyable and within walking distance of the O2. It's only my second time there and it is a nice setting with excellent food.

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