Monday, October 05, 2009

Damien Mulley at the Institute of Business Analysis and Consulting

I attended the lunchtime seminar hosted by the Institute of Business Analysis and Consulting today at lunchtime. The speaker today was Damien Mulley - well known blogger, and expert on all things technological. His talk was on "Social networks: The foundation for long-term business relationships with your customers". I missed the start, but I was impressed by Damien's knowledge of social networking tools. He is clearly an enthusiast of social media - he was bursting to tell us about Twitter, blogs, bebo, and facebook - he used some good examples to support his points. He is much in demand and is quite often interviewed on RTÉ radio whenever there is a technology item. Anyone new to social media at the seminar will be impressed by the possibilities of networking on the web - how to make money doing this is another thing. An enjoyable seminar!

While in Liverpool at the weekend I noticed signs for facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, and others in the windows of the first floor office suite, and advertising that they provide advice on all things "socila media". It turns out that this is a company called Digital Liverpool - clearly there is money to be made providing this type of advice as companies seek to make the best of social networking.

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