Sunday, October 25, 2009

More YouTube Success

I continue to be fascinated about how many people are viewing my YouTube channel videos - last Friday (23rd October) the total viewings reached 30,000. The rate of viewings has increased over time as I add more videos.

My first video was posted on December 11th 2007. My channel reached 10,000 views on 8th April 2009 - 16 months later. It took only four more months before the view figure reached 20,000 on 10th August. The next landmark of 30,000 views was reached in only 11 more weeks. I'll be interested to see if the rate increases further.

Some people have asked me if it is possible to make money doing this. I'm sure it will be possible some day, but not now. It is important to point out that viewing figures of 30,000 for my channel is an extremely modest number of views, with many others doing the same thing with hundreds of thousands of views. I do have plans for further videos - I have been exploring the possibility of introducing a series of problem-solving techniques.

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