Thursday, October 01, 2009

Lisbon Treaty Referendum - it has to be Yes

Tomorrow is the Lisbon Treaty Referendum (part II). I will be voting "Yes" early in the morning before I head off to Liverpool for the weekend - here's why:
  • I voted Yes the last time and have not changed my mind
  • 63% of people in the DĂșn Laoghaire constituency voted Yes the last time
  • I support the real reasons for the Treaty - making the EU work better
  • I actually believe that Europe should move closer to a Federal system
  • We (Ireland) cannot manage on our own
  • 26 out of 27 EU countries have already ratified the Treaty (Czech President still to sign)
  • All major political parties are recommending a Yes vote
  • Not that I listen to them much, but Trades Unions are also recommending a Yes
  • Employers are recommending a Yes
  • Michael O'Leary says Yes
  • Brian Cowen says Yes
  • Anything that the following people/groups are against, I am for: Sinn Fein, Coir, Joe Higgins, Declan Ganley & Libertas, Patricia McKenna, Richard Boyd-Barrett, UKIP.
I will miss the posters though!

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  1. I voted yes in this and every other EU/EEC referendum for similar reasons (don't share your view on trade unions, though). In every EU referendum in Ireland at least 20% of the voters have voted against - with the same dire warnings every time. Dublin South we pipped Dun Laoghaire this time