Sunday, October 18, 2009

Restaurant Review - Talbot 101

Roma, Dorothy, Peter, and I went for a quick pre-theatre bite in the Talbot 101 on Talbot St. There were many other theatre goers there too and the place was very vibrant and almost full. We decided to go for the Early Bird menu and I had a delicious salmon an prawn mix in crispy file pastry. For main course the "Jane Russell" sausages and mash were excellent. Just time for a quick coffee before heading off to the nearby Abbey Theatre. Thoroughly recommended - excellent food, quick efficient service, and very friendly staff.

It's been a while since I was down this area of the city in the evening- there are quite a few groups of young people hanging around who are quite obviously either stoned, drunk, or both. They leave a lot of litter around, are very noisy, a bit intimidating - the GardaĆ­ seem to leave them alone as long as they do not cause any trouble. I felt a bit relieved when we drove towards home - preferring to go for a pint in The Wishing Well rather than staying in the city centre.

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