Wednesday, April 08, 2009

YouTube - 10,000 views!

A couple of years ago I started a YouTube channel with a "How To..." series of videos showing how to do simple things with (mostly) Microsoft Office tools. Today I am pleased to report that views of my videos have reached a landmark figure of 10,000 views (10,043 as I write this) and I am averaging over 100 views per day. Yesterday I uploaded my ninth video about embedding YouTube videos into PowerPoint.

The viewing figures for all nine videos are as follows:

How To...Embed a YouTube Video into PowerPoint3
How To...Create a Project Network Diagram in PowerPoint155
How To...Create a Basic Gantt Chart in Excel 2003801
How To...Embed a YouTube Video into a Moodle Course Page117
How To...Create a Windows Media Video Using PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker324
How To...Draw a Polar Diagram in Excel186
How To...Calculate Net Present Value (NPV) in Excel1608
How To...Create a Pareto Chart in Excel4815
How To...Convert PowerPoint to iPod Movie2034

Some are more popular than others - the video on drawing a Pareto chart is the most popular - accounting for almost half my total views. While 10,000 views is a modest figure compared to viewing figures for other similar videos, I am happy that some people find them useful. I have had a few, but very positive comments on these videos.

All this proves that people want to learn using tools like YouTube. My videos are amateur, with no studio or special equipment in use. I simply record using a standard microphone and software such as Windows Movie Maker and CamStudio. It's easy to do once you get to grips with the technology, and could be a useful add-on for tutorials and revision for students.

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