Saturday, April 04, 2009

Quidam - Cirque du Soleil

Last evening Roma and I were invited to Quidam - Cirque du Soleil at the The O2 as guests of Cahill-May Roberts (CMR). What a fantastic show!!! I was not really bothered about going and had suggested that Vicki or Claire go instead, but both were otherwise engaged. I walked up from NCI to The O2 and met Roma there. We were greeted by CMR organizers, but went into the wrong Reception room. We met Gemma and Michael Maughan (Bryan Bourke's in-laws) and had dinner with them. Bank of Ireland Private Banking were hosting this reception and I got the chance to talk to some rich folks. We hadn't really noticed that there were no other pharmacists around. As we were in the wrong Reception we had not been given our tickets and it took us a long time to find the right reception where CMR folks were frantically trying to find us.

Our seats were right in the middle of the mid-tier - perfect for viewing the aerial acrobatics. The whole show was a blast of energy and acrobatics, with everything timed to almost perfection. It had everything - German wheel, banquine, hand-balancing, aerial contortion, skipping, diabolos, and of course a clown. We both thoroughly enjoyed the show. We had drinks afterwards - this time at the right Reception, and chatted to the CEO of CMR (Gary) and some pharmacists. A good night out!

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