Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Lunch with the Tramore Gospel Choir

Roma, Kate, Vicki, and I went down to "The Pub" in Monkstown Crescent for Sunday Lunch today (Claire's exams start tomorrow, so she decided to study instead). We had a very pleasant lunch but got a nice surprise to find that the Tramore Gospel Choir were going to perform in the restaurant while we were there. We had just finished our main course when they started up singing songs about Mary weeping and Pharoah's army being "drownded". Our table was right beside where they set up, so we had the best seats in the house. There were some great harmonies and plenty of hallelujahs. The choir was lead by the finest grey hair and beard I have seen in a long time (the guy at the back in the photo). He had plenty of tattoos, and I couldn't help wondering if he also had a Harley-Davidson, as there is a very active group of Harley riders in the Waterford/Tramore area. Praise be!

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