Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter weekend

I went down to Wexford for the weekend leaving on Good Friday. I was on my own and enjoyed the easy drive down. I stopped off at our house in Skuna Bay to empty my very full car before heading over to Ballingate to see Mum and Dad. After a nice cup of tea and a few of my Mum's delicious homemade biscuits we went to Good Friday Prayers in Askamore Church where Dad sings in the choir. Religion is thriving in the country-side as the church was full. I enjoyed the ceremony as it has been many years since I went to Prayers on Good Friday.

On Saturday I decided to start a new passageway from our garden down to the beach. The steps Dad and I built three years ago are sadly deteriorating and a new set of steps was needed. I cut them out of the sand - hard work. I also went on a long walk down to Glasscarrig Point before doing some more work on a book chapter I am working on (more about this later if it gets published). By evening time I was preparing dinner for Roma, Vicki, and her friend Joanna - barbecued chicken, a Eugene special.

Sunday was meant to be an O'Loughlin family lunch, but both Joe and Kathleen's families couldn't come. Claire and Kate didn't make it either from Dublin as Claire's car was broken in to with her (my old) iPod being stolen. We went to Easter Sunday mass in Ballygarrett where there is a wonderful choir. Roma prepared a brilliant lunch for Mum and Dad - a lovely day overall. In the afternoon I got a message from a guy who found the iPod (my number was on the back) - so Claire's iPod was restored later that evening to her. Honesty is still out there.

Today we cleaned up the house before heading back to Dublin - the traffic was wicked. The trip back was 2.5 hours - usually it is about 1.25 hours. I am exhausted as today I finished up the new passageway by hammering some wooden stakes into the ground to support the new passageway - this was very hard work. Anyway - I hope the new passageway is worth it for the summer.

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