Monday, April 20, 2009

Walk on Carrickgolligan Hill

Yesterday Roma an I set out for a walk on Carrickgolligan Hill - this is is the hill where Ballycorus Chimney is located that I posted on before. It was a glorious week end here in Dublin with bright sunshine all day long. It was a bit hazy though and we did not get too much of a view. On a clear day you can see a long way from here - but not for us. Despite this we enjoyed the walk - it is not too long and not difficult. In the Google Map below we started out at the Carrickgolligan car park which is located at the bottom left of the map, and went anti-clockwise around the hill.

Of course we went to see the chimney - Roma had not been up to see it before. I took the picture above with my iPhone on the path just down from the chimney. Afterwards we went up to Johnny Fox's Pub where I had a very nice pint of Guinness among the throngs of tourists in a very busy bar. A very nice day out.


  1. Sounds like a nice trek. Is it worth my while to bring the camera for some photos up there? Bonnie

  2. Hi Bonnie - on a clear day absolutely do not go up there without a camera. The views over South Dublin and Dublin Bay are great. If you follow the paths anti-clockwise after leaving the car park there is a small hill straight ahead - we did not go up this, but I'm this will also give views over Bray, Greystones, and North Wicklow. Enjoy! E.