Friday, May 02, 2008

South Bar and Restaurant

Last evening we went out for pizza to the new South Bar and Restaurant to celebrate Kate's 17th birthday. The whole Beacon area in Sandyford is being developed, so we saw lots of new buildings and shops. We had not been to this new restaurant before - it looks great, if a bit "posh".

While our meal was fine - we all had pizza, our waitress was to say the least "inexperienced". She took an instant dislike to us, and didn't seem to know what she was doing. Once she had taken Kate and Vicki's order she disappeared! When she came back she took our wine order, and was almost about to get away again when we asked if Roma and I could also make an order! Even this did not compute to her - soon after, Kate and Vicki's pizza arrived - no sign of ours. By the time our pizza arrived, Kate and Vicki had finished their's. Even a Manager's intervention did nothing. I can't remember when it was the last time I did not leave a tip. The meal came to €90.15, and I took home the €9.85 change from €100.

I'm sure I'll be back - the rest of the menu looked interesting, and of course this waitress won't last.

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