Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wedding Bells - Declan Kelly and Orla Lahart

Sunday 18th May 2008 was the big day for my School of Computing colleague Orla Lahart's wedding to ex-School of Computing Head of School Declan Kelly.

The wedding ceremony took place in Cappataggle, Co Galway. Roma and I picked up my colleague and friend Pramod Pathak on the way, stopping off in Athlone for lunch, and arriving in Cappataggle about five minutes late. Not to worry - Orla was about 15 minutes late so we were in plenty of time. A nice ceremony featured very nice music.

The reception was in the Hodson Bay Hotel just outside Athlone - it was a great occasion with several of my colleagues - Pramod, Stephan, Frank, Paul, and Elaine present. We had a fantastic evening with plenty of jokes and dancing - I even danced the Siege of Ennis!

Declan and Orla looked great (and very much in love - ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!). I took 175 photographs - go digital photography!

Long life and happiness to Declan and Orla - thank you both for a great day.