Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Trailer by Joe(s) O'Loughlin Senior and Junior

Last year I bought a foldaway motorcycle trailer from Treale's Trailers near Preston in Lancashire. I first used it to take my Harley to Achill on holidays last summer. It is very neat and folds up easily so that I can put it in my garden shed. A description as to how it works is here. It really can only be used as a motorcycle trailer - that is, until my Dad and brother Joe got a hold of it.

Dad designed, engineered, and manufactured a box to fit on top of the trailer for use as an ordinary trailer when not towing a motorcycle. Joe welded all together with some skill.

Now I can simply slide the box on and off the trailer. Pictured left is Dad at home on the farm and my new trailer's first load - "sticks" (logs) as we call them in Ballingate.

No problems driving on the road - due to Dad's careful aerodynamic design, no wobbling or bouncing on the road was observed. Excellent!

Now I need to paint to complete the job.

Roma of course thinks I have turned into her Dad and that all I want to use the trailer for is to go to the dump!

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