Tuesday, May 20, 2008

GAA Shock - first Championship win ever for Wicklow in Croke Park!!!

While I was at Declan and Orla's wedding last Sunday a big shock was taking place in Croke Park - Wicklow 0-13 Kildare 0-09, in the Leinster Senior Football Championship. This was Wicklow's first ever Championship win in Croke Park! Kildare were 1/7 to win this match, and like most Wicklow people I was almost certain that Kildare would win this one handy enough. I did not even look out for the score during the wedding and got a big surprise later on in the evening on hearing the news.

Much credit is due to the magic touch of Mick O'Dwyer who abviously loves Croke Park. He was giving out today that Celine Dion was more important to the GAA than Wicklow because Croke Park is being used for a concert instead of hosting the next match for Wicklow. Next up - Laois!

My grandfather PJ O'Loughlin will be pleased up in heaven at a first Wicklow win in Croke Park - please have a celestial pint on me to celebrate (I'll pay for it in 40 years time when I get there!).

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