Thursday, February 11, 2021

My Story about the The Ballingate Bell in The Wicklow People

Over the past few months I have been researching for a story about a bell that somehow made a 5,000 mile journey from Ballingate House (where I grew up), near Carnew in South County Wicklow, to a church in Malengwa in Western Zambia. It was quite an experience for me and I finally managed to get it published in this week's Wicklow People.  To read the story you'll have to buy The Wicklow People (Feb 10th edition)!

Once a week has passed, and the print run for this week's edition of The Wicklow People is finished, I will write some blog posts about how this story was put together. The version in the paper is just 1,600 words and I had to cut it down several times and leave some stuff out to get this point. It is not just a story about a lump of iron, but about community, communication, faith, history, and the dedication of Irish missionaries who work in Africa. I also learned a lot about family - especially those who joined religious orders many years ago.

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