Saturday, February 20, 2021

My great-grandfather Thomas Hurley 100th Anniversary

In this time of centenaries in Ireland, there are of course many smaller and minor centenaries that every family will have. Today, 20th February 2021, is the 100th anniversary of the death of my great-grandfather Thomas Hurley. He was just 54 years old.  His wife Bridget had died in 1916, leaving him with a family of six - including my grandmother Kathleen. He died in The Mercy Hospital in Cork due to septicemia as a result of a cut in his finger.  

Thomas Hurley was a Creamery Manager and lived in Newmarket, Co Cork. The house in Church Street (see photo below taken in 2008) where he lived was demolished in recent years. I can't tell for certain, but the modern day Kerry Foods Newmarket Cooperative Creameries Ltd premises is located right behind where this house stood. My Dad tells me that Bridget Hurley ran a small shop from their house.

Thomas and Bridget Hurley.
Death registration of Thomas Hurley. Source: Irish Genealogy.

At the graveside of Thomas and Bridget Hurley (2008).
Clonfert Cemetery, Newmarket, Co Cork.
Old Hurley House (2008), Church Street,
 Newmarket, Co Cork.

The family photos shown here were probably taken around 1910. My grandmother, Kathleen, was born in 1903 - so I'm guessing that she is about seven years old in the photo below. While very serious looking, I think you can tell that Thomas and Mary are very proud of their family. You can imagine the excitement of getting dressed up for the photography studio, and waiting probably a week or more for the photos to be developed and delivered. Another noticeable thing is Thomas's lack of hair - a gene which he unfortunately passed on to his great-grandson! In this family Charles went on to be a priest in Dublin. Tim became a doctor and moved to Wales where he practiced medicine. Hannah joined the Loreto Nuns. Eileen ("Mrs D" to us) married Joseph Dwyer in 1934, but was widowed shortly afterwards - she never married again and had no family. Pat never married. And Kathleen married PJ O'Loughlin (also from Newmarket) on 23 January 1930 - they moved to Tomacork just outside Carnew in Co Wicklow, and had six children (including my Dad Joe).

Thomas and Bridget Hurley with their six children.
Back row left-to-right: Charles, Hannah Mary, and Tim.
Front row left-to-right: Eileen, Pat, and Kathleen.

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