Monday, February 08, 2021

7 Days Later

Exactly a week after I launched a new series of videos on Programming in R, I wondered how the analytics looked for each of the 11 videos published so far. I have very modest expectations for this series of videos, probably just as well given the less than impressive start shown below. I am releasing videos once a day (Monday to Friday) for the next couple of months, so hopefully it will gain a little momentum as well.

Exactly 7 days after the launch, the total number of views is 666, and I have earned the princely sum of €1.26 from ads. It takes a long time for any video to accumulate views. During the same period, my most popular video (How To... Perform Simple Linear Regression by Hand) garnered 16,935 views and earned €25.35.

Here's how the performance for R videos looks so far:

While it is too early to make any clear observations, there is some evidence that Statistics is more popular. I intend a lot more statistics videos later in the series, but I will stick to my plan of release.

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