Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Day of Rain

I picked one of the wettest days to cross Britain today. Apart from the first hour or so in Wales, it rained all the way. This means water from the sky, water as spray from other vehicles, and water splashed up from the road. The trip from Holyhead in Wales to Dover in England took 7 hours over 406 miles - inevitably some water gets through my gear. The weak spot is water getting underneath my leggings over my boots. It runs up the boots inside the leggings and makes my jeans wet at the knees. On a short trip this is a minor problem, but after 7 hours it starts to spread down to the feet and up to the ass. By the time I arrived in Dover I felt like I was sitting in water.

A shout out to The Swingate Inn where I'm staying - they dried everything for me in their big tumble drier. By the time I had an Indian meal and a pint inside me - I felt a lot better.

Early start tomorrow - unfortunately rain is forecast again for much of the day. Destination tomorrow is Verdun - I hope the hotel has a tumble drier!

What I had to ride through today...

Image source: Screen shot from UK Met Office.