Monday, July 17, 2017


Today we had the pleasure of visiting two of south Germany's most popular attractions: Königsee and the Eagle's Nest. First up was an early morning visit to the lake at Königsee - we had no problem getting on a boat for a pleasant trip on very calm waters. The scenery was astounding - high cliffs either side of us all the way. Plenty of waterfalls to see and lots of clear Alpine water. The boat trip is about half an hour to the end of the lake. We walked for a while and enjoyed the woods and lake in equal measure.

Following above we made our way to the Eagle's nest overlooking Berchtesgaden. We took the bike to the basement car park and followed this with a bus trip up the mountain. Very organised. At the top bus park we had a 40 minute wait to take the elevator up the final 124 metres. Once we were through we were in the Eagle's Nest - Hitler's retreat in 1938. It was very crowded and because you had to reserve a bus back down we were against the clock all the time. The views were breathtaking, and even though Hitler was a bollix, it was interesting to think that we walked in the same places as he did today.

Some photos from today....

On the boat in Königsee:

Waiting for the return boat...

Trying to blend in with the scenery:

Roma and I at the Eagle's Nest:

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