Thursday, July 13, 2017

Autobahn - AwesomeBahn!

My bike can do 180 kph (110 mph approx) - I discovered this on Autobahn 8 from Stuttgart to Munich yesterday in a no speed limit zone. This is the fastest I have ever driven any vehicle by some distance. The bike had no difficulty at this speed - it seems that the Harley-Davidson Road King was built for this. No loud noise or vibrations to deal with.

The curious thing for me was that even at 110 mph I had to get out of the way of some other drivers who were queuing up behind me to pass me out. Savage! Slowing down to 100 mph felt like I was stopping! Heavy traffic soon put a stop to this.

Finally, I am enjoying a beer in Munich after 1,100 miles of road- cheers!

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