Monday, June 26, 2017

Two More New Videos

Continuing my recent burst of video recording activity I have added two more new videos to my channel:
  • How To... Add and Modify a Moving Average Trend Line in Excel 2016
  • How To... Display Two Lines on a Chart in Excel 2016
Both videos use the same Facebook Q1 2017 stock data downloaded from Google Finance. Excel has added the moving average option to version 2016, making it easy to show a smooth trend in time series data. Displaying two lines on the same chart is not that easy - a secondary axis is required. I wanted to show the closing stock price and trade volume on the same chart for Q1. The trouble is that volume data is in tens of millions, while the closing stock price ranges from $115 to $145 - scale (as always) is a problem for the data visualizaer. So if you want to learn how to do this - here are the videos:

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