Monday, June 19, 2017

My Photograph in Leaving Certificate History and Appreciation of Art (Ordinary Level) Exam

I was surprised, flattered, and amused to discover that a photograph taken by me of the Children of Lir sculpture in Ballycastle (Co Antrim) which was published in this blog (see Revisiting the #CausewayCoastalRoute and the #MourneCoastalRoute) on 26th July 2015, was used in the Leaving Certificate History and Appreciation of Art ordinary level paper last week. Question 19 asks students to "Describe and discuss the public sculpture..." - a zoom-in for the swans was also provided. Here's the illustration and question:

19.       Answer (a) and (b).

(a)   Describe and discuss the public sculpture illustrated on the accompanying sheet using the following headings:
  • location and size
  • form and shape
  • colour and surface.
(b) Suggest a design for a sculpture to be situated at the entrance to a town‐park or forest‐park. Give reasons for your design decisions.

Illustrate your answer.

I only found out about this when the publishers, The Educational Company of Ireland (, contacted me seeking permission to reproduce the photo in their State Examinations Booklet of all exam papers to be published next month. My permission to use the photograph in the exam was not sought in advance - I guess that this would have compromised the exam process!

Here is original photo:

Children of Lir and Fair Head, Ballycastle.

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  1. Perhaps they asked the sculptor, Malcolm Robertson and anyone else involved in producing it, as I am sure you did before using it in your exam.