Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Dragan Effect #260

I have Corel Paint Shop Pro for doing the little bit of graphics work that I occasionally have to do such as resizing or cropping images. When I launch it I get the usual tips to enhance images. One today caught my eye - it was how to make a Dragan Effect with a photo. It is named after Polish photographer Andrzej Dragan - the effect uses dramatic lighting and editing techniques that enhance the tonality and skin texture of the images subject. I decided to try it out by following the recommend YouTube video (below) to do this - it is easy to do, all you need is a photo! Here's my first (amateurish) result:
From this... this.

Corel have  Discovery Centre where you can learn to do lots of things with images - this gives a lot of power to people like me who do not have the skills or artistic know-how to do things like the Dragan Effect. Here's the video showing how to do the effect in Corel:

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