Thursday, July 09, 2015

Ravello #Holidays

1,500 steps up from our holiday apartment is the town of Ravello on top of a hill. We took our time and climbed the steps on a very hot day. Hard work, but worth it to get to the top. There are several very steep sections, but a couple of water fountains helped. Once there we made a bee line for a cafe and a nice cold beer. There are lots of nice shops with expensive ceramics and souvenirs. We went to Mimi's Pizzeria for a great pizza lunch, on the way passing a plaque dedicated to D.H. Lawrence who wrote Lady Chatterly's Lover here. I also looked through Villa Rufolo and its gardens - the best views of the Amalfi Coast are from here. I decided to take the steps back down to Minori, again hard work - but at least easier than going up. We thought about revisiting Ravello for its famed summer concerts, but it was too much to contemplate going back up the steps, a taxi would be €50, or we would have to take two buses. Instead I got a free classical CD in the Tourist Office which we played when back in the apartment. Ravello - definitely worth visiting.

About 1,400 steps to go!

Overlooking Maiori viewed from Ravello.

Roma and Eugene in Ravello.

Relaxing with a cool beer in Piazza Centrale in Ravello.

Thinking of new business for Monkstown Pharmacy?

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