Thursday, July 09, 2015

Minori #Holidays

After three days in the hustle and bustle of Amalfi we transferred to Suite Principissina near Minori - a beautiful apartment overlooking the sea. The good folks at AmalfiVacation transferred us the short distance from Amalfi and allowed us to get into the apartment earlier than normal. We were shown down the 160 steps to the sea - magnificent! For the next six days this is our base to check out the region. We are about a 1 km (scary) walk to Minori, and the apartment is right beside the main road - this means that it is subject to the constant beeping of bus horns as they navigate the narrow corners of the road. The view to the sea is directly south facing, this combined with the high hills behind us, means that we are in shadow from about 18.00 onwards. No harm in this as it is very hot. I already have a heat rash and am not too interested in getting a tan anymore. Lots of Mosquitos here, despite covering ourselves in insect repellent, the little bastards got through. Lots of scratching!

The veranda of Suite Principissa.

Relaxing at the Infinity Pool.

At the Santa Caterina Hotel.

Beautiful location of Villa Principissina (right centre of photo)

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