Monday, May 11, 2015

How To... Calculate Pooled Variance in Excel 2013

My YouTube Account Manager recommended that I do several things to improve my channel and get more views. One was to upload videos on a regular basis, and the other was to add custom thumbnails. 

My latest video is taken from one of my Statistics classes where Student's t-Test is used to compare the means of two samples. In unpaired (independent) t-Tests, if equal variance is assumed - the pooled variance of the two samples must be used in calculating the t statistic. My video below shows you how to do this manually in Excel.

For the second major recommendation, add custom thumbnails, I have created what you see below using PowerPoint and Snagit. I mock the graphic up on PowerPoint using my stock portrait image found in my videos, plus a title. I tried many variations on this, but keeping it simple works best for me. Apparently, thumbnails like this attract more viewers and adds a type of brand awareness to my channel.

Here is my latest video...

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