Saturday, May 23, 2015

26th August, 1988 #EmptyNest

Once when I was young I had no children - it seems so long ago. Life was very different from what it has been over the past near 27 years. The last time Roma and I had no kids was 26th August, 1988 - the day before Claire was born. Little did we know that we would start a family with three wonderful girls that would be so central to our lives. With Claire in New York, and Vicki in Belfast (soon to go to USA for a year), we have been getting used to less people about the house. Today, Kate moved into her own apartment in Dublin City, and I helped her with the move. 

Very mixed emotions on a day like today. My heart is bursting with pride that our three girls are so independent and making their own way, but I miss them so much. Life goes on and I'm certainly not the first Dad to experience the "empty nest" syndrome. I have not lived with my own Mum and Dad since 1978, yet I still call their house "home". I know that I can walk into their house in Ballingate as if I was never away, and I hope our girls will always feel that they can do the same in Blackrock.

Love you girls!

OK Roma - let's party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With Claire, Kate, and Vicki - Rosmindle. Co Mayo.

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