Monday, May 04, 2015

Belfast Weekend

After years of not visiting the second largest city in Ireland, I now feel like a regular visitor to Belfast. As it was my daughters' birthday weekend we made a break of it for the May weekend. We had a great meal in Howard Street Restaurant, delicious food and great atmosphere. On Sunday I visited the Ulster Museum and particularly enjoyed the exhibition of First World War posters. Today I bought a new jacket selected by my daughters! I also took the time out to visit Scrabo Tower near Newtownards and its wonderful views over Strangford Lough. Last summer I passed through Newtownards on my tour around Northern Ireland's coast, but only saw this tower from a distance - today I got right up to it, but unfortunately the tower itself was closed. I took a lot of photos in an effort to get a good one for my next book - I think this one is the best:

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